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Cathedral in Altstadt, Nuremberg

Nothing says beauty and tranquility like cobblestone streets, quaint alleyways, imposing castles. peaceful rivers,  and the rallying grounds of the Third Reich. Nuremberg was an eclectic mix of past and present; peace and war. This hidden gem is barely two hours ride from Prague, but for some reason seemed deserted. Perhaps overshadowed by its larger, more famous neighbors such as Berlin, Munich, and Prague. After flooring it on the Autobahn from the Czech border, we parked the car and made our way down FRAUENTORGRABEN!, past DAS HAPUTBANHOFF!, and into ALTSTADT!


The Pegnitz river divides the Altstadt in half. The bridges offer some very picturesque vies…as well as good duck feeding stations.

The Altstadt(old town) was remarkably well-preserved , and some buildings dated as far back as the 13th century. The Hauptmarket( main market) was abuzz with life: food stands, tourists, noble looking monuments, a cathedral, and…an Italian food festival(DAMN YOU GLOBALIZATION)?


After meandering about Altstadt, we headed off to the courthouse to see the Nuremberg Trials memorial. The Nuremberg Trials were a series of trials held after WW2 to persecute Nazi war criminals. Read this because you should:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_trials. It was a pretty surreal experience to actually be in the room that you have read/watched/learned so much about.


Courtroom 600. The post war trials for Nazi war criminals were held here.


View of the courthouse from the outside. The lovely Shirley Riemvis making her first appearance.

All of that delving into the history of the Third Reich really works up an appetite so it was off to Nuremberg BURG!!! Burg being German for castle. The castle was beautiful. Not as imposing as Prague Castle, but it wasn’t no joke. There was something quaint and peaceful about it.





View of Nuremburg Castle from the castle biergarden

View of Nuremberg Castle from the castle biergarden

If you are looking for a peaceful, charming weekend getaway then Nuremberg is the place to go. But don’t go here if you expect to party . There were barely any pubs open on Saturday night. And most of the ones that were open were Irish Pubs for some ungodly reason. On top of all that, the whole city shuts down on Sundays.

Nuremberg. Go there.