57 Days

Only 57 more days until I leave for Prague.  It is beginning to hit me that I am going to be leaving the United States, my friends, and family.  The tickets are paid for , tuition is go, the cat has been micro chipped, and we are waiting on the dog passport.


The only that scares me is the Czech language.  Obviously everyone speaks English, but learning the language will be a goal of mine.  I’ve already begun listening to podcasts and looking at the basics, and must say that it is most discouraging .  First off, the Czech language has 40 letters…..one of them being a letter that is unique to Czech.  The Ř is a letter that only the Czech language has a scary pronunciation.  Roughly in English equivalent to RZH or maybe RUZSHH and the R is rolled like it is in Spanish. In the Czech language, an L and R can be the nucleus of a syllable , sort of like the word bottle in English where the second syllable is bah-TLL.

Czechs also don’t like vowels apparently.  How about this tongue twister : Strč prst skrz krk. 
Stick your finger through your throat.


Lord have mercy on my soul.


2 thoughts on “57 Days

  1. pickledwings

    The difficulty of making the “Ř” sound is quite overstated in my experience, I had very little trouble getting it right.
    The soft consonant sounds like ň, t´ and d´ were all much more challenging for me to make properly


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