The Knicks and the trade deadline

The deadline is fast approaching, and other than the Rudy Gay to the Raptors trade, nothing much has happened yet.  There have been rumors swirling about as with any deadline.  

” Fringe team A looks to add veteran star from team B to push them over the edge”

“Will struggling team A finally commit to a rebuild and trade star?”

Disgruntled superstar looking to be traded?”

same shit, different year.  For the New York Knicks , it didn’t seem like this year’s deadline was going to be very eventful at all. for a few reasons.  first, they have 3 max deals and the rest of the players contracts are too small to really build a deal for any player worth it.  Second, they have players that are way too old to really contribute anywhere except a team that is contending for a title like Kidd, Wallace, Prig, and Camby and even then their contribution will be limited.  third, the Knicks were wildly successful at the beginning of the season for a few reasons: Defense, Carmelo Anthony, taking care of the ball, and ball movement/chemistry.  Bringing a new player in this late to learn the system , while getting rid of players that know the system would be tough.  Especially when coach Woodson breaks the bad news to them.  

Player A: ” hey coach, its crunch time.  What exactly do you want me to do out there?

Woodson: ” Well, what I want you to do is stand in the corner and watch Carmelo isolate at the top of the key against his man.  then you are going to guess which way he is going dribble.  then when he takes it in you have to decide whether or not you think he is going to shoot or pass.  Then you decide to crash boards, get back in transition or stay put for the corner 3.

player A: ” wait, so you just want me to stand and watch Melo?”

Woodson: ” If thats what you want to call it, then yes.

the Knicks obviously wont get rid of Melo or chandler, and nobody wants Amare, so the only player who will really intrigue anyone is Iman Shumpert, and his contract is too tiny to get a player that could really help the team compete for a title.  On top of that, his value is at its lowest due to uncertainty about his recovery.  That being said, some interesting names have come up.

Lou Amundson- PF for the Timbertrolls.  He is caught in a log jam over in Minnesota.  Stuck sleeping under a bridge waiting for unsuspecting children just like Pekovic, Kirolenko, Roy and the rest of the trolls.  He brings tough interior defense and rebounding, something the Knicks are lacking.  we don’t have much to offer outside of Ronnie brewer, but if the Wolves decide they are willing to part with him for nothing more than Brewer , I would say pull the trigger

Paul Milsap- Probably the best player that I’ve heard in rumors linked to the Knicks. A PF that can score and rebound.  I just wonder where he would fit in on the team.  Would this be the ultimate F*** you to Amare Stoudemire?  are we really going to pay someone 20 million a year to sit the bench in crunch time for the whole season?  Milsap isn’t the kind of player you want coming off your bench for only 18-20 minutes per game.  he can’t play the 3 or the 5 really, so he doesn’t have the utility to fit in to a bench rotation like the Knicks.  not to mention that it would involve getting rid of Iman Shumpert, leaving us with an anemic guard rotation that more resembles the hoard from Dawn Of The Dead, than an actual championship level bench.  Kidd, Prig, Ronnie brewer would be our reserve wings.  Only copeland would actually have a pulse.  Shumperts defense, should he remain healthy, will be of best use in a playoff series where he will have to guard D Rose, Paul George, Dwayne Wade or, God permitting, a Western Conference star wing should the Knicks somehow make the NBA finals.  I say avoid bringing him in

Ben Gordon- SG for the Charlotte Bobcats.  Having a few run ins with his coach.  Who wouldn’t?  He is coming up on a new contract, and isn’t being allowed to really show case his talents, and yes he does have them. He really can score in multiple ways, and is lethal from long range.  He doesn’t really play defense, and outside of scoring, doesn’t bring much to the table.  however, having another guy that could pour in 20 on a given night and hit the long ball at over 40% would be a big pickup for the Knicks.  He is a better version of JR smith, and isn’t a head case , and also has better decision making skills.  He makes a lot of money, but I don’t really care how much Dolan pays in tax, and nor should any fans.  In order to make the salaries work , the Knicks would have to send multiple players, and I don’t think he is worth sending three players over.  i also don’t want to get rid of shumpert for Gordon.  So I think the Knicks need to say no.

All in all, it looks like the Knicks are really going to stand pat at the deadline, and they probably should.


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