A Yankee in Alaska goes to Prague

One of the iconic sites of Prague is Charles Bridge, or Karlovy Most in Czech.  Lined with statues and each with their own story it draws sightseers from around the world.  Here is one of my favorite: Statue of St. John of Matha, Saint Felix of Valois, and Saint Ivan.

Saints John and Felix founded the Trinitarian Order of the Catholic Church and set about freeing Christian slaves who were captured and enslaved around the time of the Crusades… which mainly involved dealing with the Turks at that time [Note the Turk guard standing outside with the whip].  There’s a question why St. Ivan is there as he wasn’t associated with the Trinitarian Order.

Here’s a picture I took the other day of the inside…doesn’t look like a good time was had by all then but it does move one to stop the suffering.

For more info:  http://www.kralovskacesta.cz/en/tour/objects/statuary-of-st-john-of-matha-st-felix-of-valois-and-st-ivan.html

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